Friday, November 8

NaNoWriMo Day Eight

I just hit 23,000 words this afternoon. I'm halfway through the minimum word count of 50,000 with less than a third of the month gone. That's pretty good.

Now some of that is a cheat. Because it's a sequel to a horror movie, I'm recapping the events of the movies. This gives me a chance to patch some plotholes, and the film I picked has very large plotholes. The recent commentary track of the movie features the cast and director pointing out story weaknesses, and I wanted to clean those up in this project. I also wanted to of course build on the movie's story and follow the progress of one of the movie's leads. That's where the story idea came from: Ok, that's pretty horrible, but what happened the next day. The movie came out 27 years ago. What happened since then? That's how I got here, 23,000 words into a novel. I'm actually writing an f'ing novel. Golly.

You can follow me or make me a buddy at the November project website. I'm listed as heygregory.

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