Wednesday, October 3

Now What?

The comic is at the printers now. I use the local OfficeMax for the minicomics. Their Impress print station offers a quick turnaround and high-quality prints, and I have never had a complaint with them.*

But the work ain't over. I'm preparing sketch cards to sell at the Asheville Comic Expo (see examples here). And I'm writing the next comic. Saturday night at roller derby, I had some vague notions for the follow-up story and jotted them in the program. That overflowed to a business card or two. The next morning, I wrote as I mowed the lawn, as I often do. I organized the notes that afternoon. I now have a vague story outline to pad out.

The 2013 comic looks to be big in scale and page count. Lots of plot holes to fill and questions to answer. If I never do another comic, the 2013 issue will leave the Sinclair stories as a nice stop.

* OK, I did once. A 5.5 x 8.5-inch comic doesn't have bleed. Had I known that, I would have altered the eMMA cover. Her body just ends, and I would have bordered the image. But the Brubaker/Phillips Fatale covers have the same look, so my cover now seems hip.

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