Monday, October 15

Asheville Comic Expo

What a show.

I got there at 9:1, giving myself about 90 minutes to set up. I had a great table. I was literally the first person attendees saw walking past the ticket table. Within three kminutes of the show opening, I had sold two sketch cards.

 You can see the rest of my pictures here.

I was slammed all day long, drawing cards, selling cards, selling the comics, making the sales pitch on original art and prints, talking to my assistant Tori and her family, taking pictures of costumes... That's boggling. I even had good cell service to run the Square reader for credit cards. An inaugural show with this kind of turnout? And so many costumes? Amazing. It flew by. Suddenly, it was 7 pm, and I was taking my crates back to the car.

I found out I and my comics were mentioned by one of the show's organizers in her newspaper interview. The Comic Envy crew did this right, and I'd sign up for the next show right now.

My most popular cards: Adventure Time, Deadpool, and Doctor Who.
Oddest card requests: Bruce Lee and John Lennon.

I have a crick in my neck from drawing in one bad posture position all day, but I can wrap in in all the money I made. I doubled my money bag's contents, and that was all via $3 and $5 increments.

I'm gonna be on this high for days.


  1. My friend John went to the show and he got me a really cool Norman from ParaNorman from you. I live in San Diego so it was a little far to come out for but just wanted to say thanks and AWESOME Norman you did! Nobby

    1. He said he needed a card for his friend in San Diego, and I'm glad that he got it to you and that you liked it.