Thursday, February 16


I have not abandoned you, Gregory Groupies. I am chained to the drawing board/kitchen table, pounding out pages for the next installment of the Focus/eMMA comics. It's biggish and virtually all fight scenes. I'm playing with more money shots then the previous issues -- big panels of grand imagery and rough'n'tumble fisticuffs. I'm close to scanning and posting examples of my page pencils. Stay tuned.

I also just sent in my table reservation form for HeroesCon, and announcements of more Robot Wonderboy offerings are coming soon.

In the meantime, have a slice of Aquaman, starring once again in an eponymous comic series. Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis have made him interesting, lighter in tone and focused on his identity. The first issue does a fine job of defusing all the Aquaman jokes and launching him as a valid superhero.

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