Friday, January 20

Little Hulk on the Prairie

After decades of denying Little House, (I'm old enough to remember it airing Sunday nights on NBC), I have been converted to the show via my wife, The Countess. If you ever get a chance to see her early school pictures, you'll notice an uncanny resemblance to Half-Pint.When we honeymooned in Atlanta, we would return to our B&B after sightseeing and watch catch a marathon airing of the series. Her sly plan to expose me longterm to small increments has built up my immunity to the show, and now I happily put it on as background noise.

A few weeks back, I commented on Twitter (@GregoryDraws) about our recent upgrade to a 1080p TV connection:
Little House on the Prairie looks glorious in 1080p. Even Nellie (You heard me, Oleson). Oh poop pickles! Typhus in Walnut Grove!
I got replies from two (two!) Nellie Oleson accounts. 

Wednesday, I posted this:
On Little House right now, Caroline & Mary are at a math contest. Laura can't run the house, becomes enraged, turns into Hulk-Pint.
And that sparked this one-page comic:

You never know where ideas will come from.

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