Friday, August 12

Magic Fortnight: Sistah Spooky

Sistah Spooky is from Adam Warren's Empowered (link possibly NSFW), a comic I look to these days as I tweak my style. I don't want to ape Warren's work, but I can certainly learn to loosen my corpse-stiff linework. Also, I'm very tempted to print my comic direct from pencils.

Spooky is a minority high-school student trapped on a campus dominated by cruel cheesecake blondes. She discovers they each made a deal with a demon for physical perfection, and she wants in. She gets the same physical upgrade (in exchange for her soul), but the demon gives her too much mojo, and she goes into business as a bitter superheroine. She hates Empowered, another cheesecake blonde.

This is my first pass at a Spooky sketch, and I wasn't happy with the flat hand placement and the face. The arms should be bent more, forcing the hands higher and foreshortening the arms. You can see that I didn't finish it; that's Empowered herself on the top left.

I went with a pose that forced me to consider the cape and arms to balance the stance. I played a bit more with shading and highlights. It's progress, but it's a small increment forward. Maybe I just don't like her mask's eyes.

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