Sunday, August 7

Magic Fortnight: Hellboy

Wait, isn't he more of a horror character than magic?

Wait again, isn't he kinda scifi? Or fabulist?

The beauty of Mike Mignola's character is that the franchise goes where he wishes and takes on genre trappings as it requires. But he's definitely magic. He's fighting changelings and dragons and witches. That's magic.

Wait, isn't that more adventure?

See, anything Mignola wants it to be.

The original sketch for this felt pretty good until I set it down and approached it a few hours later.
That's more of a Superman pose. It had to go.

I moved to a larger sketchbook to work big and to play around with markers and pens. The usual sketch sizes are 5.5 x 8.5. This one is 11 x 14.

I think this one turned out not too badly. Not bad for a piece done between periods of calming a sick baby.

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