Friday, April 8

SC Comicon 2022


For the first time since 2019, I'll have a table at the Greenville, SC, show this weekend. Since then, I made a graphic novel, NAMELESS, and a small stack of prints, including Velma, Hela, three Spider-Men, and The Adventure Zone. Copies of all these and more are also available at my store, Robot Wonderboy.

I also made changes to the original art I'm offering at cons. I'm going with one size (9 x 12) at a higher price, $25 for b/w. There's a constant mantra online about artists setting prices and undercutting themselves, but I'm not at the recognition level where I can get $50 for a quick head sketch or hundreds for a half-figure. I'm just not there yet, but my art has improved to the point where I think the price increase is worth it. I work slower to get a better line quality. This is a test as my first show in three years. I can adjust any of this business equation before HeroesCon in June.

It feels like I have no muscle memory for preparing for cons. I had to start from scratch to pack my boxes and cart and constantly remind myself I have done this before when I start to get anxious. I know that once the doors open, though, the con vibes will see us all through.



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