Saturday, January 16

Lucha Wonder Woman

Back in the summer of 2019, DC solicited a series of lucha libre figures, and my heart exploded. It had a Wonder Woman figure. THIS Wonder Woman figure.

I had to have this. I love Wonder Woman. I love wrestling. Maybe you remember this print I made about eight years ago.

You can buy it at, I should add.

This was made for me. Only me. And then it was made for nobody, because DC cancelled it almost as soon as I put it on my comic store pull list. I was crushed. That design is a knockout. I've sketched it a few times, but I wanted to do something with a little more investment.

I had the idea for a pose almost immediately.

I worked it up in pencils and then lightboxed it for cleaner lines and pen inks.

I considered doing everything after this digitally, but I needed the practice in polish.

Then I colored it in Photoshop, using an adjustable shadow layer for the figure and making an LED scroll out of halftone.

 I'm happy with this. A fairly quick turnaround time from notion to signature.

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