Saturday, June 27

Marrying Is Half the Battle

For Mother's Day, my wife, The Countess, wanted a pole chain saw to prune with. OK, I said. This is not a surprise to me or anyone who knows her. She's a tomboy, a term that's faded alongside our limited notions of skill sets and expectations. The world spins a little slower since March, so we have lots of time to beat back the treeline.

Based on a photo of her posing proudly with her new gagdet, I worked up a classic '80s GI Joe card for her. I decided to try to paint it, if you'll pardon the term, in Photoshop.

1 comment:

  1. Nicely done! Super-custom, thoughtful gifts like this are beyond monetary value. I just discovered your work, & you, on Twitter. So hot! ...I'm into it. Very nice. I write fiction, screenplays (sold 1, +3 treatments), & am into comics & graphic novels. I have BIG respect for graphic artists... looking good, man! @kevinglenreeves
    -Kevin Glen