Friday, March 29


Ten years ago, I joined an anthology published by Wide Awake for their appearance at FLUKE, the Athens small-press show. My store was called A Single Bound. You can read it here. Forgive the lettering.

I told myself I'd get to FLUKE one day, and this is the year. I managed to sneak in the window for table reservations, and, this year, I make my debut there. It feels like a plateau for me. One year after that anthology, I made my first minicomic for my first convention table. I've been making comics every year since then. I now have a good number of comics to sell after ten years of work, and that output silences the imposter itch that says a hack like me took someone else's table space.

It's a big show in a small space, so I'm leaving half my usual convention haul home. I'm taking my comics and a sketchbook for any commissions I might garner. This show is about comics, and that males it a new experience for me.

The table is cheap, I'm not paying for a hotel, and it's not that far a drive. I leave home after sunrise, and I'll be back before midnight. That's a manageable adventure for my third con of the month.

See you there.

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