Friday, February 8

New Doctor Who Print

I was at best a casual Doctor Who fan. I knew the names but not the numbers. I knew which one has a fez, a scarf, 3D glasses, and That Hair.

But when John Hurt was announced as an unseen Doctor, they had me. I am literally a lifelong fan of John Hurt, and his presence instantly makes any movie better. I watched the 50th anniversary "Day of the Doctors" special without knowing much of what was happening, but his War Doctor made me happy.

That got me watching more of the series, and I hopped aboard full time when Capaldi took over. Then I met Bill Potts who became my favorite companion.

And there came Jodie Whittaker.  The whole family is hooked now. So I made this:

And you can buy your own copy at the new Robot Wonderboy store!

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