Thursday, December 7

Big Time

I started my Robot Wonderboy line of comics in 2010, seven years ago now, and somewhere in there I had the notion to get my books in Asheville's Malaprop's. The much beloved indie bookstore is a touchstone for the city -- a gorgeous space crammed with books and literary knickknacks. For years, I walked into that store to remind me why I was shoving around ink. I looked at the comic section to inspire my brain and competitive drive to get myself alongside the copies of Gaimans and Larsons. But that could only happen, I reminded myself, if I did the work. So let's get back to work.

And today ...

I can sit on the summit I marked on my map, turn around, and see how far I have climbed.

I also restocked my titles in Downtown Books and News, the sister store.

That's four local stores now with my stuff -- along with Comic Envy and Highland Books -- and that's a heady realization.

Learn from me, guys. Heads down, pencils sharp. Do the work.

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