Sunday, August 20

Mr. Robot

As we near the October season-three premiere, I binged the previous seasons of Mr. Robot. Love this show. It combines Fight Club and V for Vendetta. I think it also, potentially, could borrow from Invisibles; the emphasis on created identity and even weaponized disassociate disorder is very intriguing and Morrison-esque.

But we haven't explicitly had that level of sci-fi on the show yet. Bits of dialogue encourage me that direction, like Tyrel and Elliot saying things are above them, and Mobley and Trenton talking about going back to before the 5/9 hack AND White Rose's obsession with time. It doesn't have to go in this direction to be good; it already is good.

So I had to draw something for it.

The pencils.

The ink study.

The final piece, all inked up.
Took some work to convey Rami Malek's face, but Christian Slater was easier. I liked this, and it got me back into brush work.

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