Wednesday, November 16

NCComicon Has Come and Gone

I'll be blunt: My NC Comicon Saturday was only $30 away from surpassing all my 2016 HeroesCon business. I've done conventions for six years, and I haven't seen this consistent eager energy from attendees. And it's not physically a big show. We're in close quarters. But dang if it doesn't act like a much bigger show from special guests and panels and turnout. I recommend it to everyone on both sides of the tables.

The nearby Cupcake Bar made treats with superhero toppers, and it only made me love that shop more. One employee couldn't make the con, so I made her a sketch. We bring the show to you!

It can be hard to find a place to eat in downtown Durham when the convention lets out, so walk a few blocks over to Only Burger and eat that good stuff until your face turns inside out.

Doctor Strange was prominent, of course, as was Harley Quinn, Rey from Force Awakens, Elsa, Negan, and Agent Carter still, bless her heart. I drew everything from Trump to Mr. Robot to Boondock Saints. It's a whirlwind of a show, and I thank everyone who slapped it together and came out for it.

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