Monday, February 22

Weekend Art

If you’re not watching Season Two of Agent Carter, you oughta.

This year features two great villains in Whitney Frost and Dottie Underwood. There are plenty of other reasons to watch – Jarvis, Mrs. Jarvis, Ray Wise and Kurtwood Smith being great bad guys as always, and the triangle of Peggy and two fine fellows – but Frost (Wynn Everett) steals the show. This starts even before we get the great flashback episode showing how dissimilar she and Peggy found the world but how they equally their resolve propelled them.

Frost is a character loaded with ability who finally gets the opportunity to unleash it. She’s sympathetic and competent, constantly moving forward. It’s hard to root against her.

Our house loves the show. We watch it as it airs when we record so many other shows for later viewing. Rumors are that this is the last season. If so, dang. Double dang. But we got two very fun seasons led by a (the?) lynchpin character of the cinematic Marvel Universe.

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After this weekend's Walking Dead, it made sense Deadpool would love it. It has guns and swords and flying body parts. Some were flying around last night that were still attached to living people.

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