Monday, May 6

Free Comic Book Day

I sat in at Asheville’s Comic Envy for Free Comic Book Day, offering free sketches. Loki was the first, but many, many more followed. 

I still have some sketches to finish for customers who have pull lists at the store. I’ll add their work to their weekly comics when I go back to the store this week. That let me do sketches for people coming into the store for the first time. And there were a lot.

Favorite moments:
+ Teaching three boys how to draw Spidey: concentric rings, “surprise eyes,” and webs flowing in one direction.

+ Drawing characters for the first time: Daleks, Spider Jerusalem, cartoon Rogue, and more.

+ Seeing the variety of people who wanted the same character: Girls asking for Batman, kids and adults asking for Deadpool, etc. The day rightly destroyed stereotypes of who reads what.

+ The tremendous generosity of the people who asked for art. I had a tip jar, and it was filled with money, and I am humbled. I split the contents with my table partner, the high school senior who’s heading off to SCAD in the fall.

+ Even the exhausted people were smiling.

You can see the sketches and who requested them here.

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