Friday, September 7

Cover Progress

Making headway on the cover for the October roller derby minicomic, The Ballad of Sue Tonium.

First up, the reference shot.

Then it's opened in Illustrator, and I draw Sue Tonium on top of it. I changed the expression and hair, add the uniform, alter the arm, add another arm, and add a lifted knee.

This line art is actually the outlines of the color fields I create on the reference picture. I removed the color from the above art to show how involved this can be. I paint with the marquee tools. Live Trace in Illustrator can only recreate a photo into what's called vector art (what you see here). But it can't create new accessories; it can only trace. I learned to make drawings this way in Illustrator before Live Trace came along. It's a digital version of painting, and I like it. It's easy to lose days doing this. I get into a trance, flipping back and forth between layers.

And then we move that to the cover template. But that's for a later post.

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