Wednesday, July 25

The October Comic : July 24

Despite the blog's header image, sometimes I can't work at my drawing table. I relocate to the kitchen counter or smaller dinner table (seen here). This is my script, the sketchbook with page thumbnails, and the page I'm currently working on (page 4 of 18).

You might notice the artboard is plain white. I draw on the back of my Blue Line boards to get the maximum drawing space. The front looks like this:

That's a 11 x 17 boards with a 10 x 15 drawing space. By flipping the page and making my own borders, I give myself a 10.5 x 16.5 drawing space. For me, drawing bigger is better.

I draw first thing in the morning and while The Missus does her nighttime rituals. If I considered my work on a page-by-page basis, it would be too daunting. I tackle it panel by panel. If I can knock out a panel each time I sit down, the comic magically gets done. Sometimes that's not practical. But it's a good goal.

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