Monday, April 30

Life Imitates Art

I had the notion for a female robot fight league right after I cooked up eMMA for my comics. This was late 2008. eMMA was created as a buddy for Focus, who was starring in the first minicomic from my Robot Wonderboy line of comics. eMMA bumped her out of the way as the lead for the 2011 comic, and this year's comic continues that story.

Last year, we got Real Steel, the fighting robot movie with Hugh Jackman. Well, that's interesting, I thought.
This year -- in fact, this week -- I discovered something called Invicta Fighting Championships, an all-female MMA fight league which debuted Saturday, just hours after I sent my 2012 comic to the printer. Crazy.

Speaking of the new comic, here's a tease of the cover. Black Jenny is making good on her promise of revenge. This 40-page comic is virtually one big fight scene.

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