Tuesday, September 27

Ms. Marvel

She's an officer in the Air Force. She worked for NASA. She's an Avenger.  Can we drop the "Ms." now? Any reason why she can't be Captain Marvel?

I'm also hoping for an explanation of the stylized S/lightning bolt on her costume? I was prepared for some sort of connection to Sentry to be revealed in Marvel's Seige miniseries.

I first read the character in X-Men when she was depowered after tangling with Rogue. We older readers will remember Rogue was constantly tortured as the Danvers personality fought for dominance. That's why she went running to the X-Men for help, beginning a continuing theme of villain redemption through membership.

I almost cheated here and added stars digitally.


  1. Carol was a major in the Air Force. She already outranks Captain Marvel.

    Major Marvel does have a nice ring to it, though.

  2. "The Mighty Major Marvel" is the sure-fire new No. 1 comic for next summer. Get on this, Fraction.