Monday, May 22

Mermay 2017

People are making mermaids for May and posting them online, and it's the perfect reason to get an idea out of my head. I've had the notion for an Old West sheriff mermaid for a while, and there's a story or two there. At least one of them will see daylight in my planned collection of short stories for 2018. This was fun to do.

Wednesday, May 17

eMMA 2 on Comixology!

You can get the second half of her origin at

That link will also take you to her first issue, still available for 99 cents.That means you can get both halves for $3 total.

I'm leaning away from hero comics for now, but this issue has all the stuff I like in hero comics: melodrama, multiple enemies, a smidgen of angst, and a lot of bidness. I love this character, and I love what she wants to be. Give it a try.