Monday, June 11

Heading to HeroesCon 2018

Come find me on the other side of the floor this year.

I have copies of the first issue of OUTSKIRTS and trades for HEROES OF SINCLAIR and eMMA.I'm on the main aisle of traffic and on a corner to boot; I'm enthusiastic for this new location and hope to see you there. I wanna see your cosplay!

Wednesday, May 2

Outskirts on Comixology

My new anthology title makes its digital debut today via Comixology.

It includes Arthurian western, noir comedy,  silent horror based on Radiohead, and questionable parenting.

This is my first work outside of superheroes, and it's surprisingly invigorating. Playing with different genres is more fun than I expected. I think that's helped by being familiar with the various rules of those genres and then slapping them aside. I'm working on the next issue now.