Wednesday, July 19

Throwback Buddy Comedy

That Game of Thrones season premiere was good for a lot of reasons, and some of that were the parallels. Sansa and Jaime bristling at their siblings' ruling style. The Hound and Arya meandering Westeros, moving in different moral directions. But mostly Tormund and Baelish giving Brienne and Sansa the howyoudoins at Winterfell and seemingly doing nothing else.

I know. Baelish is fomenting dissent between Sansa and Jon, and Tormund is about to man a Night's watch castle. But for now, they are unsubtle stalkers, otherwise different in every way.

I couldn't get this image out of my head, and it was a good day's inking and coloring. A fun exercise away from the short comic work I'm doing. More on that later.

Tuesday, June 13

Last-Second HeroesCon 2017 post

I'm going to be there again, for what I think is my sixth consecutive show with a table. Holy crap! SIX YEARS!

This time I'm bumping tables and elbows with one Laura Truxillo, whose work appears in the Mike Wieringo Tellos tribute book for which I am delighted and proud and professionally envious as hell.

I'll have new prints, including one for my beloved Twin Peaks. I'll have this for sale soon on this site, but I'll definitely have them at the convention. She has art like you wouldn't believe, so buy it all, fools.

I got new sketches and comics and prints, and please see me, especially if you have costumes. Cosplayers get $1 off each item at my table!

Speaking of costumes, I'll be donning my Littlefinger costume for pictures late Friday. Find me, and call me all the bad names. He deserves it.

This will be my last big show of the year, so let's do it up right.