Thursday, October 5


Here's what I'm doing daily for this year's Inktober effort.

Friday, September 15

Doom Patrol

The latest volume of Doom Patrol is by Gerard Way, Nick Derington, Tom Fowler, Tamra Bonvillain, and Todd Klein, and I love it. It takes me back to the oddity of the Morrison/Case run in the '90s, and I invested hard in those stories.

When DC published the Flex Mentallo mini, I embraced it like a best friend. A few years later, when I wrote for PopImage, I vomited a love letter to the mini as part of a sitewide Morrison package. Years and years later, DC blurbed me on the back of the Flex Mentallo trade. I had no idea until I picked up a copy and flipped to the back cover. I almost fainted.

So when DC announced Doom Patrol was coming back and written by Way, I was onboard immediately. I keep a row of high-school lockers in my heart, and one of them is plastered inside with panels from his Umbrella Academy.

I love the art in the new comic, especially the colors by Bonvillain. It's a style that permits anything to happen, and we'll accept it right off. I'm about to use the cold season to hunker down and make some comics, and I needed an exercise to stretch those drawing muscles. It became an excuse to employ (read: steal) Bonvillain's palette for Doom Patrol pin-ups as a tribute. Another love letter. So here we are.