Thursday, October 5


Here's what I'm doing daily for this year's Inktober effort.

Friday, September 15

Doom Patrol

The latest volume of Doom Patrol is by Gerard Way, Nick Derington, Tom Fowler, Tamra Bonvillain, and Todd Klein, and I love it. It takes me back to the oddity of the Morrison/Case run in the '90s, and I invested hard in those stories.

When DC published the Flex Mentallo mini, I embraced it like a best friend. A few years later, when I wrote for PopImage, I vomited a love letter to the mini as part of a sitewide Morrison package. Years and years later, DC blurbed me on the back of the Flex Mentallo trade. I had no idea until I picked up a copy and flipped to the back cover. I almost fainted.

So when DC announced Doom Patrol was coming back and written by Way, I was onboard immediately. I keep a row of high-school lockers in my heart, and one of them is plastered inside with panels from his Umbrella Academy.

I love the art in the new comic, especially the colors by Bonvillain. It's a style that permits anything to happen, and we'll accept it right off. I'm about to use the cold season to hunker down and make some comics, and I needed an exercise to stretch those drawing muscles. It became an excuse to employ (read: steal) Bonvillain's palette for Doom Patrol pin-ups as a tribute. Another love letter. So here we are.

Sunday, August 20

Mr. Robot

As we near the October season-three premiere, I binged the previous seasons of Mr. Robot. Love this show. It combines Fight Club and V for Vendetta. I think it also, potentially, could borrow from Invisibles; the emphasis on created identity and even weaponized disassociate disorder is very intriguing and Morrison-esque.

But we haven't explicitly had that level of sci-fi on the show yet. Bits of dialogue encourage me that direction, like Tyrel and Elliot saying things are above them, and Mobley and Trenton talking about going back to before the 5/9 hack AND White Rose's obsession with time. It doesn't have to go in this direction to be good; it already is good.

So I had to draw something for it.

The pencils.

The ink study.

The final piece, all inked up.
Took some work to convey Rami Malek's face, but Christian Slater was easier. I liked this, and it got me back into brush work.

Friday, July 28

I'm Going To Be At An AnimeCon!

And I have no idea what to expect.

This Saturday, I'll be at the A.A.R.C. (Asheville Anime Regional Con), and I dont know much about anime. But this show has become Asheville's most establish convention as other shows fell by the wayside. It has the potential to be a big(ger) deal next year when people realize it's virtually the only game in town.

I'm told it brings in fans of all genres, and I plan to enjoy myself and bring my art bidness to one and all. We should see cosplayers and crafters and kids and slightly overwhelmed adults. You know, a convention.

Wednesday, July 19

Throwback Buddy Comedy

That Game of Thrones season premiere was good for a lot of reasons, and some of that were the parallels. Sansa and Jaime bristling at their siblings' ruling style. The Hound and Arya meandering Westeros, moving in different moral directions. But mostly Tormund and Baelish giving Brienne and Sansa the howyoudoins at Winterfell and seemingly doing nothing else.

I know. Baelish is fomenting dissent between Sansa and Jon, and Tormund is about to man a Night's watch castle. But for now, they are unsubtle stalkers, otherwise different in every way.

I couldn't get this image out of my head, and it was a good day's inking and coloring. A fun exercise away from the short comic work I'm doing. More on that later.

Tuesday, June 13

Last-Second HeroesCon 2017 post

I'm going to be there again, for what I think is my sixth consecutive show with a table. Holy crap! SIX YEARS!

This time I'm bumping tables and elbows with one Laura Truxillo, whose work appears in the Mike Wieringo Tellos tribute book for which I am delighted and proud and professionally envious as hell.

I'll have new prints, including one for my beloved Twin Peaks. I'll have this for sale soon on this site, but I'll definitely have them at the convention. She has art like you wouldn't believe, so buy it all, fools.

I got new sketches and comics and prints, and please see me, especially if you have costumes. Cosplayers get $1 off each item at my table!

Speaking of costumes, I'll be donning my Littlefinger costume for pictures late Friday. Find me, and call me all the bad names. He deserves it.

This will be my last big show of the year, so let's do it up right.

Monday, May 22

Mermay 2017

People are making mermaids for May and posting them online, and it's the perfect reason to get an idea out of my head. I've had the notion for an Old West sheriff mermaid for a while, and there's a story or two there. At least one of them will see daylight in my planned collection of short stories for 2018. This was fun to do.

Wednesday, May 17

eMMA 2 on Comixology!

You can get the second half of her origin at

That link will also take you to her first issue, still available for 99 cents.That means you can get both halves for $3 total.

I'm leaning away from hero comics for now, but this issue has all the stuff I like in hero comics: melodrama, multiple enemies, a smidgen of angst, and a lot of bidness. I love this character, and I love what she wants to be. Give it a try.

Wednesday, May 10

Free Comic Book Day 2017

Once more, I was invited to sit in the midst of Asheville's Comic Envy, and I offered free sketches for the day. I set up a tip/donation jar and crank out drawings for one and all. I've done this for about five years now, and it always goes well. Fun time. The day flies by.

I get to talk to kids about their favorite characters and encourage them to draw. I point out virtually all the materials I use that day -- Sharpies, pencils, sharpeners, Whit-Out pens -- can be found in grocery store and department store aisles for school supplies. $10 bucks, kids. Get to drawing. Make the comics.

The first request was a Harley Quinn for a little girl, and the day included Spawn, Thomas Jefferson, Deadpools, Batman, Batgirls, Mega Man, and someone's baby. You never know what you'll be asked to do, and I tell them that, if I can Google it, I can draw it. One woman who studies fencing asked for Princess Mononoke holding a German two-handed sword. Another wanted a wolf warrior. The only way you can prepare is to loosen up your drawing muscles and keep the sketches simple. I do headshots for the day. I also have a standard image for Deadpool, and I add a new joke text each time.

I did roughly 60 sketches for the day, including some I promised to draw later and add to customer pull lists. It's a quick way to bump the list a little and get drawings to people walking into a comic store for the first time. Those drawings included Snape, Harry Potter, and Dazzler Thor. You never know.

Captain Marvel wasn't taking any of my Littlefinger crap.

Thor was there!

I got to draw in a Wonder Woman-themed sketchbook.

Squirrel Girl was there!

Here's the list of characters I was asked to draw on FCBD, in order:
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn
Quiet from Metal Gear
Harry Potter
A wolf warrior
Captain Underpants
Captain Underpants
Dazzler Thor
Princess Mononoke
Hello Kitty
Mega Man
Le Feu
Star Lord
Edward Scissorhands
Tina Belcher
Harry Potter
Moon Knight
Spider-Man Noir
My Little Pony Fluttershy
Ralph Snart
Captain America
Rocket Raccoon
Thomas Jefferson
Dragonball Goku
Someone's baby
Wonder Woman

The next day, I worked a booth at the Asheville ZineFest and busted out this Skeletor for my plastic booth buddy.

A big weekend! Next up, The Deputy and I get dressed up for a local comic show where I DON'T have a table for once. Party on.

Monday, March 20

SC Comicon Is This Weekend!

My first big convention of the year is this weekend, and I have a handful of new stuff for sale. I got my new prints (letter size and 11x17) ...

and I have the second issue of eMMA, the back half of my two-parter of her origin. It's 34 pages of story for $3 OR you can get both eMMA issues for $5 at the show.

If you can't make the show, you can buy the issues separately via the mail or together for a special price (including mailing) right here.

Issue options

You can also get the first issue digitally on Comixology for just $1. (They're processing the second issue now, and it takes them awhile.)

Here's some preview pages:

See more buying options here (including the mega-deal for both issues and the Heroes of Sinclair trade).

Friday, March 10

James and the Giant Peach

My doctor sister-in-law was invited to a birthday party for a youngster with a Roald Dahl theme. She asked me to make a Dahl image as a gift. I resisted the easy Wonka portrait and went with something from James and the Giant Peach, a book I loved as a child. (Great Glass Elevator was my favorite Dahl book, but I didn't think the kid would appreciate Vermicious Knids).

I played with the group shot of James and the bugs before going with something more iconic -- the peach floating toward the sunset, away from sharks and bad aunts. I decided to skip color to evoke the older drawings of the best children's chapter books, and the whole thing was inked with a PITT S pen.

Thursday, March 9

eMMA 2

Debuting at the SCComicon on March 24 is the second half of my flashback tale for eMMA, the robot hero. Here's the cover and a sneak peak.

I'll post links here when it's ready for sale (soon, soon), and details on the upcoming trade with special bonus material.

Tuesday, February 28

That Dr. Strange Comic


Here's the story I did for the recent Dr. Strange fanzine to raise money for Heroes Initiative. You can still buy PDFs for it here.

I jumped the chance to do a short comic to see what my skill level is so far. The art feels middling, but I still like the script. My artist would argue that the writer is a hack, so it evens out.

I also provided a pin-up seen on the right third of the top graphic.

I was glad to get a chance to do this for myself and to help the organization. Thanks to Kara Lepord for putting it together.


Wednesday, January 4


A very late birthday present became a late Christmas present, and now it's an early Presidents' Day gift. I asked my friend flatbear what character I could draw for her, and she immediately said Hela. I went big -- 11 x17 -- and busted out the brushes for this.

I stuck with black and white but added hatching to push the figure forward.

I think I like the cape texture the most.