Wednesday, June 12

HeroesCon Is Here!

I will be at table AA-109 this weekend, and to find me, remember the mantra:

I also have the latest OUTSKIRTS for sale, featuring the final installment of the Old West Lady of the Lake story, but a mystery emerges as well.

Saturday, May 25

HeroesCon Commissions

I advertised early and often this year for HeroesCon commissions and was rewarded with a fun spread of subjects. I had to get them done early before I leave on a big trip I'll talk about later, and I mention it only to whine about coming back the Tuesday before HeroesCon. As in: I land in Charlotte on Tuesday, drive back home, unpack the suitcase, launder, pack the suitcase, and go back to Charlotte Thursday.

Oy. This is the schedule of a much younger, but almost as handsome man.

Anyway, commissions!

Friday, April 19


When I'm in the mindless stages of a comic, I give myself a reason to stay at the grindstone. This time I bought a video game and keep it wrapped on my drawing table. It stays there until the comic is done.I won't put it in the console until I have erased the pencils on the last inked page. That initial load and play time will let me look over the pages with fresh eyes a few days later. Then I can tweak the pages before lettering. Almost there.

Wednesday, April 3

Slugbug and Punch Buggy!

Outskirts 3 is now available on Comixology, and I shall now entice you with a freebie. Here's Slugbug and Punch Buggy having a heart-to-heart.

Friday, March 29


Ten years ago, I joined an anthology published by Wide Awake for their appearance at FLUKE, the Athens small-press show. My store was called A Single Bound. You can read it here. Forgive the lettering.

I told myself I'd get to FLUKE one day, and this is the year. I managed to sneak in the window for table reservations, and, this year, I make my debut there. It feels like a plateau for me. One year after that anthology, I made my first minicomic for my first convention table. I've been making comics every year since then. I now have a good number of comics to sell after ten years of work, and that output silences the imposter itch that says a hack like me took someone else's table space.

It's a big show in a small space, so I'm leaving half my usual convention haul home. I'm taking my comics and a sketchbook for any commissions I might garner. This show is about comics, and that males it a new experience for me.

The table is cheap, I'm not paying for a hotel, and it's not that far a drive. I leave home after sunrise, and I'll be back before midnight. That's a manageable adventure for my third con of the month.

See you there.

Monday, March 18

NC Comicon Raleigh Is In the Great Back-Then

That's the farthest I've driven for a con: Five hours one-way. And based on this Sunday alone, I'd do it again.

Because it's March in the Carolinas, there's a 50/50 chance of snow the whole month. That makes planning for a weekend con tricky. I reserved a back-up room for Thursday night in case I had to leave town early because of snow. If the weather was clear, I would cancel the room in advance and drive to Raleigh the morning of the con. But it didn't snow, and I missed the cancellation window for a refund. Instead of eating the cost, I drove into town Thursday after all. I'm glad I did.

Getting up stupid-early Friday, driving five hours, parking in the state capitol, setting up the table, and working a five-hour day would have been the end of me. I see that now. I did myself a favor by going in Thursday. All I had to do Friday was swap hotels, set up, and work the booth.

Saturday's con coincided with the St. Patrick Day parade, and that hit the show hard. Sunday, however, made up for both days, financially and creatively, as people brought great ideas for commissions and sketchbook themes. The drive back was a straight shot along the interstate, and I was in my bed by midnight. That's a win.

Tuesday, March 12

NCComicon Looms Large

I will be at the Raleigh NC Comicon this weekend, the second of three March shows for me. I've worked the Durham shows in the fall, but this will be my first at the spring show. Curious to see the differences. The fall show drew an eager crowd for the entire weekend.